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Plant & Process Management, Control


Incident Response Management Recovery

Diploma/BA/Masters level

Using a Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) point system, WGG Offshore Academy can convert your career experience into a points that count toward a Diploma, a Bachelor or even a Masters degree level qualification.

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The WGG Offshore Academy offer internationally recognized & accredited diplomas and degrees, through a structured process which will see not only recognition of your competencies achieved from a lifetime of real experience in the field, but will ultimately lead to a more competent work force in the fields of Incident Command. We are accredited by the British OFCOM and QAA, and offer our courses through WGG Offshore Academy (WGGOA), one of over 2000+ institutions in the UK Awarding body NOCN group.

WGG-Offshore Academy offer the first of its kind in the PPMC & IRMR industry. By encompassing your skills acquired in areas of industry that involve emergency response management, the aim is to focus on developing those people who are often called to fill a role in Emergency Management, and to reward your lifetime experience with a credible qualification that reflects real service and experience in those fields.


Our courses include Bachelor and Master degree level qualifications as well as entry level diplomas in the PPMC & IRMR fields.  Courses are directly aimed at those in the Oil & Gas, Energy Sectors.


Recognized & Approved by NOCN

Through WGG Offshore Academy’s, industry professionals can have their careers, training and experience recognized to create an academic pathway in Diplomas, Bachelors and Masters programs. The WGGOA is the global developer and deliverer of qualifications in Plant & Process Management, Control & Incident Response Management Recovery. NOCN Group is the leading awarding body licensed by Ofqual and QAA (UK government).



Understand the WGGOA PPMC & IRMR Pathway and see how they apply to your industry experience.


To gain credit into the Diploma & gain points towards the Bachelor, WGG Offshore Academy will convert points if you hold either the PMA, BTEC, AFAC, OPITO or TEEX Standards in PPMC or IRMR or related fields. These courses must have been delivered in accordance with their respective regulations, in full and without any modification to approved content. This requirement is the same for all industry standard-setting bodies. In addition to gaining point credit from industry standards, student candidates may apply for recognition of prior learning from other relevant qualifications, training and course. Student candidates may also apply for point credit due to current-competence or work related knowledge and skills.

Courses are offered globally through our Cooperative Learning Sites across seventeen different countries (five continents) .

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WGG Offshore Academy is the only industry
provider to offer these advanced level qualifications
in the fields of PPMC & IRMR.
With accreditation from British University
and Award body and online degree
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