“It`s the people behind the brand, that make the brand”.

“Perform, Experience Equals Skills Recognition”.


Wild Geese Group, over the past twenty plus years has specialized in the delivery of ICS programs for many of the Oil & Gas operators around the world. In doing so has accumulated multiple international accreditations and approvals from standard setting bodies such as OPITO, BTEC, TEEX, AFAC & NOGEPA.

Whilst our commitment to them remains solid, we now lead the way into the digitalization of all our accredited training programs, we identified a missing link to how we offer our clients “the next level” of qualification.

By working through one of the largest UK accrediting groups NOCN, we were able to develop a robust pathway from Diploma Level 4 all the way up to Master`s Level 7 in:

    • Plant, Process Management & Control (PPMC)
    • Incident Response, Management & Recovery (IRMR).

It has been long accepted that only “front liners” need the necessary skillset to be awarded ICS top level accreditation. Whilst those in the workforce know that operators, supervisors, and managers are the real “First Responders” and their actions, will ultimately dictate the outcome of most emergency situations within the workplace.

Under our new programs we can now accept high levels of Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) from the Oil & Gas Industry sector workers. Develop & Deliver the gap programs and then award accordingly.

This in turn will “keep skilled workers in work” whilst industry expectations on competency continue to drive the education levels up.

No other company has taken this step and commitment to “bridge this gap” that widens from generation to generation and take into consideration the changing working environment.

With our proven industry track record, our global reach through our Cooperative Learning Site (CLS) network of partners and our pioneering digital transformation in place using our own TRIDENT Virtual Command Centre (TVCC) simulator, we are the premier provider of Incident Command Systems Advanced Learning Programs & Qualifications.

We are not your “traditional university institution” in many ways. The people delivering the programs are people who currently work in the industry, they have “sat where you sit now”.

Our own Industry Advisory Board (IAB) of professionals play a key role in coaching and validating evidence of our student portfolios.

For more information email us direct at principal@wggacademy.org