About the WGG Academy

The academy is the collaboration of two disciplined masters within their own fields of expertise. Co-founder Dato` Tim Allsop, brings over thirty-five years of experience in the critical incident management sector, originating in the military and then advancing to the energy sector across many continents. Tim was fortunate enough to meet Mr Craig Hansen, who in-turn has over thirty-years experience in the academic world, a global reach and the ability to connect with people.

Using the WGG Academy programmes are not only fit for purpose but developed by industry subject matter specialists for industries with a natural way of accrediting past experiences and learnings with current teachings to ensure each and every graduate is fully equipped for the specialized job of being an Emergency Responder, Supervisor or Manager in their industry sector.

With a passion to educate, a commitment to quality and an innovative approach that is second-to-none, the WGG Academy is the next-generation of advanced adult learning; WGG Academy will equip everyone who pass through its doors with the opportunity for career advancement and a greater understand of tomorrow’s needs, today.


Why the WGG Academy – “Different to Others”

There are several contributing factors which contribute to our success. The distinct difference between the WGG Academy and other learning institutions is how we engage our industries. The engagement process of communication between the traditional educational institutions and industries is usually a gap that needs to be bridged. The development of our Industry Advisory Board ensures a seamless approach to understanding the knowledge and aptitudes required when taking the next step in a professional’s career and completing their competency development cycle.

For more information email us direct at principal@wggacademy.org