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  • Duration: 10 weeks

UARD Diploma Level 5 in Crisis Management

Organisations will have a Crisis Management Team, positioned to respond during critical business activities. Become qualified with the industry-leading, internationally recognised and military-trained global experts. Every graduate of this programme will return to their workplace with a solid understanding & essential experience to be able to contribute as an active member of their Crisis Management Team.

The Level 5 Diploma is part of the Professional Development Scheme (PDS) for industry specialists who are members and or team leaders performing as part of their dedicated Crisis Management & Business Continuity Units (CMT/BCU) Organization.

Certain sections of the content of this training will be customized to follow their companies, expectations, meet their industry requirements and in-line with best practices.
The program is based on the principles of the Incident Command System (ICS-400). The program provides the graduates, with formal training in the strategy & goal setting required to lead a company during critical crisis conditions.

This training is conducted across four Core Units & Objectives

1. Media Support Team Training
2. Relative Response Team Training
3. Business Continuity Planning
4. Crisis Management Team Training & Appraisal

The programs comprise of two Modules. An interactive theory module followed by a Practical Role Play Appraisal Module. Followed by constructive feedback & debrief sessions.

The Theory Elements of the program include;

1. Pre-Planning & Maintaining an effective CM Team
2. Communications Techniques
3. Understanding the Media
4. Roles & Responsibilities of the CMT
5. Understanding the Business Continuity Process
6. Effectively implementing pre- determined Responses

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