Higher Education Qualification Programmes

The Leadership and Management Qualification Framework (LMQF) is designed to recognise current knowledge, skills and attributes (SKAs) of emergency response professionals, and to provide them with credentialing appropriate to their organisational level and management authority.

It is a suite of programs that specifically targets persons working or volunteering in any emergency response sector desirous of gaining leadership and management qualifications that recognise their current levels of competence and experience, and to support management career advancement opportunities.

The L&M programmes comprises 4 levels:

• Diploma of Leadership (Level 4)
• Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management (Level 5)
• Bachelor of Leadership and Management (Level 6)
• Executive Degree (Master) of Leadership and Management (Level 7)

An Accelerated program is available for existing L&M professionals with significant professional history that wish to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and fast-track their achievement of qualification.

If you are interested in L&M higher qualifications in either Diploma, Bachelor and Masters level, contact us for more information, see contact below.